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Build multiple forums just like StackOverflow. With EDD and WooCommerce Payment support
Control access to the question and answer system

Access Control

Administrators can control who is allowed to view or post queries and which users are allowed to respond. Control access to the questions and answers forum by defined user roles or custom user groups.

Moderate and approve user posts


Moderate and approve user posts before they get published on your discussion forum, or Pre-Approve posts made by specific selected users.

Users can view their public profiles

Profile and User Dashboard

Users can view their public profiles, along with a list of all the questions and answers they’ve posted on the forum.

Generates detailed log and statistics of the forum activity

Logs & Statistics

Generates a detailed log and statistics of the forum activity. Shows the geographic location so you can see where your users are coming from.

Protected conversations which only selected users can see

Private Questions and Answers

Support password protected private or group conversations which only question poster and selected users can see.

Integrates with MicroPayments to support using your virtual currency

MicroPayments Platform

Integrates with MicroPayments Platform to support using your virtual currency or a real payment system. Users can be granted or subtracted virtual money for posting questions and answers.

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Users can upload multiple file attachments

Multiple Attachments

Users can upload multiple file attachments to their complete question and answer forum. Admins can restrict certain file extensions.

Create question and answer forum categories to form a Q&A network


Supports multiple forums and enable easy navigation by creating questions and answers forum categories to form a Q&A network.

Login with social media accounts to post questions and answers

Social Login

Users can login with their social media accounts to vote for best answers or post questions and answers.

Comments can be added for each posted question or answer


Comments can be added for each posted question or answer on your discussion forum.

Support the display of Ads and banners inside the forum

Ads Integration

Support the display of Ads and banners inside the forum.

Use a shortcode to embed Q&A any WordPress page or post


Use a shortcode to embed questions and answers from your discussion forum inside any WordPress page or post.

The Answers plugin Integrates with BuddyPress API


The Questions and Answers Forum plugin Integrates with BuddyPress API to show posts by users in their BP profile, wall and news feed notifications.

Edit questions or answers with a functional TinyMCE text editor

Full Text Editor

Users can edit their questions and answers with a functional TinyMCE text editor.

Replaces the WordPress comments system with our Q&A widget

Replace Comments

Replaces the WordPress comments system with our Q&A widget on any page or post on your site.

Watch the Q&A Forum Plugin Video 

WordPress Q&A Forum Plugin Pricing

WordPress Q&A Forum Integrations

MicroPayments Platform

Empower your Questions and Answers forum with MicroPayments Platform support. Allow your users to pay for posting questions and answers or facilitate a community discussion by granting MicroPayments points of your defined virtual currency to frequent and popular posters.

Anonymous Posting

The CM Answers Anonymous User Posting Add-On adds the option for non logged-in users to post questions, answers and comments in the CM Questions and Answers discussion board. Posts by non logged-in users appear under a generic unknown user or user-specified name

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WordPress Forum Plugin FAQ

Can I allow only registered users to view questions?

Sure. The plugin includes access credentials for who can view questions, or who can view answers. You can define this that only user who are logged-in can view the questions and answers. For more information, please check this help document

Is it Possible to localize the forum for languages that don't appear on the list?

Language files are located under the /lang directory in the plugin. You can take any existing .po file and change the non English description to your custom language. You can then use a po to mo converter like in here to create the mo file. Here is an example of how the original English text and the translation look in the po file.

After creating these two files, copy them to the language directory. You are also welcome to send them to us so we can include them in the plugin pack.

Is CM Questions and Answers an SEO Friendly forum?

Absolutely. CM Questions and Answers uses posts for questions and comments for answers. That alone makes it an SEO Friendly forum because each question posted adds new user-generated content. Answers are then detected by search engines as a popularity measure, so the more answers posted for each post the better. Both the Questions and the Answers pages are built with SEO in mind, taking search engine indexing methods into consideration. If you are using a sitemap generator, please make sure to include the custom post type questions before rebuilding the sitemap.

Does CM Questions and Answers support forum email notifications?

Yes. CM Questions and Answers support email notifications in several levels:

1. Admin can set up email notifications in the plugin setting to receive alerts on new questions.

2. Question authors can receive notifications for answers posted for their questions.

3. Users who post answers can follow other answers.

Does CM Questions and Answers Use Custom Post types?

Yes. CM Questions and Answers uses a ”custom post type” for questions and WP comments for the answers. Therefore a real WordPress user needs to be assigned to each question/custom post. When using the WordPress search engine or other search plugins like Relevanssi, look for the CM Questions and Answers custom post type and add it to the search index. This is the same case for plugins which generate sitemaps.

Can users do live chat with the experts?

No. This plugin does not have a live chat feature. Users can only send private message query or ask questions to the professionals.

Does it have a free plugin version?

Yes. You can download the free plugin version Here but it does not include all the features.

Can images or files be uploaded with questions?

Yes. Admin can allow users to add attachment and images to the question answer. It also applies to the answer and comment sent by the experts.

Does this plugin have a Recaptcha option?

No. It does not have Recaptcha option.

How can I change the look & feel of elements on the answers page?

There are two ways to customize the style and appearance of your Answers page. One way is to create a template in a directory called CMA and place it under your theme folder. This directory will contain all the files copied from the plugin under views/forntend. You can edit single.phtml and index.phtml to make changes in the appearance of the question or answer pages.

The second and quicker way to do this is to locate the object on the page which you need to change and add it’s new definition into the custom css tab, which is found in the plugin settings. To locate elements, right click on the element and in the browser menu look for Inspect Element (Chrome).

Can I use social media login for my discussion forum?

Certainly! Enabling Social media login makes it quicker and easier for your site visitors to post questions, answers and comments onto your discussion forum. In addition, posts by users who performed a social media login are more likely to be shared across those platform, ultimately generating more exposure and traffic to your site.

How do I upgrade CM Questions and Answers?

To upgrade from the free version to the pro you need first to deactivate and delete the free version. All terms that have been created with the free version will be automatically transferred to the pro. You can them download the pro edition from CreativeMinds customer dashboard and install it. For the plugin to work you need to activate the license. Here is a video explaining this


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