Bad Words Filter Demo

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Bad Words Filter

The plugin provides a Bad Words Filter, which allows you to define which words/phrases are forbidden for posting on your forum.

Below you can find a question form, where you can try to post a question using some curse words.
You will see a message that the content cannot be posted because it contains bad words.

Here are some words that we added to our filter, which you can test:

heck | darn | fudge | crud | son of a gun

*please, keep polite while testing it, as it's just a demo page ūüôā

How To Configure The Bad Words Filter?

To configure it, you just need to enable the corresponding option in plugin settings and add the list of forbidden words/phrases - one item per line.

You can either just put an exact word to limit it or you can use regular expressions (compatible with preg_match() in PHP) by wrapping the expression by slashes, for example: /(bad)?words?/

In case of using regular expressions, the plugin may block some similar words may differ by last letters, for example, or if its a part of some bigger word.

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