Question Form Demo

Questions and Answers Forum Plugin

Setting Up the Question Form

The form for posting questions is customizable and can contain the following fields for:

  • Question title
  • Question description
  • Choosing category
  • Adding tags
  • Difficulty level
  • Up to 4 custom fields*
  • Attaching files
  • *choose the category Describe Yourself to check it.

    You can find more detailed guide of how to configure it all below the Question Form.

    How This Question Form Was Configured?

    Placing the Question Form

    First of all, we placed this question form on the current page using the shortcode [сma-question-form]. This shortcode has a few parameters which you can see on the screenshot below.

    On our demo page we used parameters for displaying the title and hiding the backlink:

    [сma-question-form backlink="0" title="1"]

    Adding Tags

    Adding tags can make it easier for users to navigate between different topics.

    You can easily configure in plugin settings things such as if users are allowed to add tags, if they should be required or not, limit the amount of tags per question.

    Difficulty Levels

    As an additional taxonomy for questions, you can create different difficulty levels.

    First, you need to enable this feature in plugin settings as shown on the screenshot below:

    Then you need to create a few levels under the Difficulty Levels menu item.

    Categories and Custom Taxonomies

    Main taxonomy provided by the plugin is Categories.

    Allowing users to choose categories while posting the question and making it required or option can be simply configured in plugin settings.

    While creating or editing each new category, you can define their access restrictions - who is allowed to view this category or post questions there. These settings override the global access settings.

    You can also define up to 4 custom fields specifically for each category. It will allow users to provide additional information for the question if needed.

    Attaching Files

    You can allow users attaching files to the question.

    The plugin settings allow you to configure, where it's allowed to attach files: in questions, answers, and comments for questions/answers. Here you can also define the maximum file size of uploaded files and list of file extensions allowed for uploading.

    You can also enable embedding attached images inside questions/answers/comments, and define the size of displayed image thumbnails:

    How To Embed Videos?

    Users can embed videos if you enabled using Richtext Editor in plugin settings. The plugin provides lots of options for configuring this type of editor.

    For embedding the video, the user will have to use the iframe tag with the link to a video. It can be copied in the video settings, as in the example from YouTube:

    The user just needs to paste the iframe construction inside the content of Richtext Editor:

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