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Questions and Answers Forum Plugin


The CM Answers plugin collects detailed statistics about your Q&A forum, providing insight into how users are interacting with your forum over time.

You can filter results by posted questions/answers or votes on questions/answers, and by certain period of time.

You can also check the statistics as a graph for last week, month or a year.

You can also download the log as a CSV file or clear it.

How To Enable Collecting Statistics?

If you want to monitor the statistics, first of all you need to enable this feature in plugin settings.

If you want to collect the information about your users' geolocation, you can also enable it by providing an API key from the service

User Data Privacy and GDPR Compliance

If you want to collect the statistics about your users (IP address, geolocation, etc.), you must inform your site visitors about that before they start using your service.

The plugin provides functionality for displaying disclaimer for first time users or when submitting a question.

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