Quiz Manager - Extra Options

The plugin has also a set of additional features. Let's consider a few of them.

One Question Per Page View

An alternative way of displaying quizzes is to show one question per page. The user can navigate between questions using navigation buttons.

The user can also mark some questions and easily get back to them later using the list of marked questions.

'Show Answer' Button

Admin can allow users to see the correct answer while taking the quiz.

In order to stop cheaters, when the user clicks the button 'Show answer', he is not allowed to change the answer which he has already chosen.

Quiz Timer

Admin can limit the time for passing quizzes by setting a timer specifically for each quiz.

Optionally, admin can allow users to pause the timer - for example, if you want them to take trial quizzes.

Email Notifications

Admin can set the option to send quiz results to the user's email. Admin can customize the notification template.

CM After Registration Extended Profile Fields Integration

The plugin supports integration with the plugin CM After Registration Extended Profile Fields. It allows you to request additional information from users about them after they passed the quiz.

The plugin allows you to change the user role after the questionnaire is filled. It can be a great membership solution for your site.

CreativeMinds Quiz Manager Plugin for WordPress allows to add quiz knowledge tests with multimedia content and multiple answers anywhere on your posts and pages. Define the minimum score for passing a quiz and, based on that, display or not additional content to the users. Includes a Progress Report system that can be filtered by quiz or users, allowing for smooth monitoring of your students.

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